Browse Our Selection Of Cutting-Edge Gemtech Silencers

Gemtech SilencersFrom shotguns and pistols to rifles and suppressors, Waymore Silencers offers a variety of quality firearms. While our robust line of weaponry is impressive, we’re most prominently known for our Gemtech silencers. These products are top-notch, multifaceted, and pristine, making them a hot commodity. Below, you’ll find an overview of our Gemtech Silencers merchandise.

Gemtech Lunar-45

Both lightweight and durable, the Lunar-45 model is second to none. Hallmarked for its innovative features and unmatched efficiency, this Gemtech silencer is exceedingly reliable, easy to maneuver, and weighs just shy of 11.5 ounces. With its titanium exterior and matte black finish, the Lunar-45 offers undeniable appeal.

Gemtech One

Touted as one of the more versatile Gemtech silencers, the Gemtech One enjoys adaptable components. Designed with users in mind, the Gemtech One is easy to hold and can accommodate numerous calibers. Though there’s much to love about the Gemtech One, its overall performance is one of its best qualities.

Gemtech Patrolman

Comparable to the Gemtech GMT-556 LE suppressor, the Gemtech Patrolman is sleek and ideal for target practice. Equipped with novel designs and modern technology, this stunning silencer goes against the norm. From its titanium build to its convenient portability, the Gemtech Patrolman is applauded for its excellence.

Gemtech Integral MIST-22

Providing a unique shooting experience to its users, the Gemtech Integral MIST-22 is a suppressor unlike any other. Beloved for its quiet silencer and lightweight essence, this suppressor was thoughtfully designed. Most notably, the Gemtech Integral MIST-22 is both easy to disassemble and clean.

Gemtech SAR-57

Long, sturdy, and multipurpose, the Gemtech SAR-57 has many merits. Best of all, it’s an affordable firearm. Regarded as one of Gemtech’s premier products, the SAR-57 is chock-full of neat components, including its rail system, mounting interface, and flawless framework.

Gemtech Trilogy

Known as the “single silencer that does it all,” the Gemtech Trilogy is an all-inclusive package that contains three Gemtech suppressors. These are for your pistol, rimfire, and rifle. For optimal quality, the products come shipped in a pelican case.

Gemtech Tracker

Held in high regard by Gemtech enthusiasts, the Gemtech Tracker possesses flair and precision. Most commonly used by hunters, the Gemtech Tracker is hardy yet easy to transport. While stalking prey, the Tracker makes the hunt seamless with its unprecedented shooting capabilities and monitoring features.

Gemtech Arrow

Described as a large-caliber military suppressor, the has no equal. Offering a minimal POI shift and little to no restrictions, nailing a target is a breeze. Crafted with aluminum materials and detachable elements, the Arrow is as adaptable as they come.