Dead Air Silencers: a Breakdown of What They Offer

Founded by Mike Pappas, the Dead Air Silencers Armament company was started because of the passion that he has for creating no-compromise weaponry pieces that are built to last. This is hardly the business owner’s first rodeo in this demanding market though. He and his colleagues have a combination of decades of experience in building rifle and handgun accessories. That could be why this company has quickly become a leading manufacturer and seller of a wide variety of high demand Dead Air Silencers and other products. Just a few of the best ones to know about include:

Dead Air Nomad 30

The Dead Air Nomad-30 weighs less than a pound. So it works best for those who have concerns about using a heavy silencer on their rifle that could affect their aim. Most people find it to be highly effective for training purposes. It still attaches quickly and works well for those who want to buy an extra protective front cap for it so that they can use it in regular field work though. And, on top of this, it is made out of a combination of stainless steel and titanium, which means it can hold up well to heavy use.

Dead Air Sandman K

The Dead Air Sandman-K is a special silencer that is covered with a unique coating that helps to increase its durability. But if anything should accidentally happen to damage it, the company offers a lifetime warranty to replace or repair it. Unlike some other silencers, it ships with a front cap and a muzzle brake. This offers extra savings to value-conscious customers who don’t want to have to buy these necessary parts separately. And if that isn’t enough to convince anyone to give it a chance, it only weighs less than 13 ounces.

Dead Air Mask HD

One of the less expensive silencer options for rifles that is available is called the Dead Air Mask HD. It is easily removed with just one hand, which makes disassembly a breeze. The silencer screws on with a direct thread method that doesn’t affect its performance though. But its cheaper cost doesn’t mean that it has a lower quality. The Mask-HD is made of the same resilient stainless steel and titanium metal mixture that many of the Dead Air company’s other silencers are built with. And it is also coated with a durable finish to keep it working its best year after year.

Dead Air Sandman S

One of the slightly heavier and longer silencers that the Dead Air company offers is the Dead Air Sandman-S. Just like other silencers in the Sandman series, it includes a removable front cap and a muzzle brake. But what makes it truly unique is the flash hider that is built into it that enables a person to stay concealed whenever they have to fire their rifle in a setting with low light. This feature is crucial in situations where it is necessary to ensure survival by not giving away one’s location each time that a round is fired.

Is a Suppressor the Same as a Silencer?

A silencer and a suppressor are synonyms. In other words, silencers are identical to suppressors. The reason that people think silencers and suppressors are different is due to technical and controversial nuances. The word “silencer” is legally defined as a device used to suppress sounds emanating from firearms. Similarly, the word “suppressor” is used as a technical description of a device used to suppress sounds emanating from firearms.

Many firearm owners are confused about the difference between silencers and suppressors.

History shows that the words are simply different ways of explaining the same device. Hiram Percy Maxim, the inventor who came up with the concept of a suppressor, called his device the “Maxim Silencer.” These were the official words Maxim used on his 1909 patent.

People were eager to buy Maxim Silencers because these devices offered the following benefits:

  • Shooters could shoot in a more precise manner.
  • The device made shooting a safer activity.
  • Sound levels were lower.
  • The device made muzzle blasts a thing of the past.

People living during the early 1900s preferred to call these devices “silencers.” Plus, consumers found it easy to order the devices via the United States Postal Service. But New York City’s Sullivan Act of 1911 made it difficult for people to buy firearms.

The Official ATF form calls the Devices Silencers Rather than Suppressors.

However, it is worthy to note that the device is not completely devoid of any sound. Accordingly, some gun owners prefer to call them suppressors because the devices do not make all sounds disappear. Instead, these devices suppress sounds. Whether calling them silencers or suppressors, the terminology has its share of controversy.

You may want to blame Hollywood for the confusion.

In movies, firearms were often depicted as devices without noise. Moviegoers may have wanted to own pistols or shotguns resembling the silent firearms viewed in their favorite films. Marketers are always on the lookout for ways to convince consumers about the products they sell. So, entrepreneurs began to call the devices “silencers” rather than “suppressors” as a way to sell more firearms.

Silencers can only do so Much to Muffle loud Sounds.

Manufacturers cannot manufacture noiseless firearms. A firearm is always going to make a sound when it is in the cycling process. Plus, bullets emit loud sounds because they break the sound barrier. Breaking the sound barrier is a noisy event.

Silencers are Never Truly Silent.

In fact, those enlisted in the military need to protect their ears so that the thunderous sounds do not cause them to go deaf. Now, if a manufacturer were to design a device with bullets that did not break the sound barrier, then gun owners might own firearms featuring true silencers. But this type of invention is not likely to happen today or in any future generation.

The upshot is that the specific definitions must comply with federal and state regulations. If you want to approach the topic in a legal way, call the devices silencers. If you want to get technical, call them suppressors. At Waymore Silencers, you can find silencers that include pistols and shotguns. Plus, you can buy silencers via our website or by visiting our physical store in Houston, Texas. Our staff will provide you with answers to your questions.

What to Do After a Road Rage Incident: Simple Tips to Protect Yourself

Road rage is an increasingly common problem on American roads. As more people express their frustrations through violence, drivers face more dangers than ever before. This is why you need to know what to do after a road rage incident. By learning a few critical tips, you can work on protecting yourself from road rage in the future.

Understanding Road Rage

The key factor of road rage is that these incidents happen in vehicles and on roadways. This can manifest in different ways. In some cases, road rage may be a passing or fleeting interaction. One driver may yell at another or make obscene gestures but never get out of the car while driving on. However, road rage can become far more dangerous when the drivers stop. A driver can roll down the window or even get out of the car at a stoplight. In extreme situations, one driver may actually cut the other off, forcing both parties to stop. Incidents where someone gets out of the car have the worst risk for violence.

Minimizing Conflict

When a road rage incident occurs, it can be overwhelming. Some people may have a tendency to fight back. In order to stay safe during the incident, it is better not to engage in conflict. If someone is experiencing road rage, he or she is not going to be reasonable. It is not likely that you will be able to logically discuss the incident. Any conversation you attempt is probably going to be construed as further aggression, which can exacerbate the situation. Because road rage can escalate to a life or death situation, minimizing the conflict as early as possible is your best way to stay safe.

Documenting the Scene

Surviving an episode of road rage is only part of the battle. These incidents can be traumatic, and they can lead to damage to your person or property. This is why you should also think about your legal rights. Road rage incidents may be classified as assault, and you may also be able to build a civil case for damages. However, in order to receive these protections, you must work on backing up your side of the story. Documentation is critical. Many people have the ability to film the incident, which can help verify the facts. Taking photos of the scene, documenting damage to the car, getting the names of witnesses and visiting a doctor to treat physical wounds are all great ways to substantiate a legal case.

Calling Legal Support

Many people want to call the police during a road rage incident. This is not a bad idea, but your first call should always be to a lawyer. While the police secure the scene, a lawyer will secure your rights. Talking to a lawyer before giving a statement to the police can ensure that you have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve. Obviously, working with the police is important, but smart legal advice can better protect you over time. When considering what to do after a road rage incident, your goal should always be to protect yourself. This starts with your physical safety and extends to your legal rights. These steps cannot prevent a road rage incident, but they can help you deal with these situations better in the aftermath.

Silencer Laws in Different States

Knowing the silencer laws in different states can save you from breaking the law. Silencer enthusiasts can even find workarounds if there states don’t allow silencer ownership. Firearm silencers are legal in most states and under federal law. There is a growing movement to legalize silencers because they reduce noise and recoil. Containing the explosion at the muzzle reduces recoil energy, torquing and muzzle flip while suppressing sound. 39 states now allow citizens to own and use silencers, but there are a hodgepodge of silencer laws in different states. [1]

It’s legal to own silencers in all states except California, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Silencers were illegal in Iowa prior to 3/31/16. Individual gun owners can’t own a silencer in Hawaii and New York, but police officers can own and use them under certain circumstances. [2]

It’s also illegal to transport a silencer into a state where suppressors are illegal. One interesting aspect of the law allows Gun Trust members who live in silencer-approved states to buy silencers for the Trust. Members who live in states where silencers are illegal can use them as Co-Trustees in the states where silencers are legal. The silencers can be kept in the legal states for use by visiting Co-Trustees. [2]

Special Silencer Laws in Missouri

In Missouri, owning a silencer is legal, but the owner must hold a federal C&R, or curio and relic, license. This license allows its holders to collect antique firearms. [3] Laws are changeable, so it’s important for gun owners to check with the local office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the state attorney general to get the latest information for specific states.

Compliance with Federal and State Laws

Silencers are regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or BATFE, under the guidelines of the National Firearm Act. State laws also supercede or expand the federal laws. The federal regulations for owning silencers include the following: [1]

  • Silencer buyers must be 21 years of age to buy a silencer from a dealer.
  • People can buy a silencer from another individual if they’re at least 18 years old and file a Form 4 transfer document.
  • 18-year-old citizens can also possess a silencer left to them as a beneficiary of a trust or as a member of a corporation.
  • Buyers must be U.S. citizens and legally eligible to buy a firearm.
  • Silencer buyers must pass a BATFE background check.
  • There is a one-time $200 transfer tax.
  • Buyers must live in states where silencer ownership is legal.

Silencer Laws Are Relatively Simple

Silencer laws are simple in most states where ownership of silencers is allowed. Your specific state might have further registration requirements. The best practice is to check with an attorney in your state. Silencers reduce noise, and according to OSHA, the safe threshold for noise is 140 dB or less. Silencers can work as hearing safety devices for hunters and gallery shooters.

In Texas, HB 1819 removes silencers from the regulations of the National Firearms Act. A simple NCIS check is all that’s needed under HB 1819 to buy a silencer in Texas. [4] Texas gun owners already own twice as many suppressors than the citizens of any other state.

For questions let us know.

[1] Silencer Facts: 39 States Now Allow Sound Suppressor Ownership

[2] What States are Silencers Legal in?

[3] States Where Owning a Silencer Is Legal

[4] Texas Passes Legislation on Suppressors and License to Carry


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New Form 4473

BATFE has announced the new Form 4473 that will become effective Jan 4, 2017. New look, same old questions, but a couple of sticky issues that will have to be resolved about medical marijuana, bearing in mind that Federal Law prohibits the use and sale of marijuana.

Read a list of the changes to the form here.

Read the full article at Guns America here.


In order to buy NFA items after July 14, we will have to submit a new form, photos and fingerprints. The new form (5320.23) will have to be completed and once approved, will be on file with BATFE for 2 years. Waymore Silencers is working diilgntly to assist our customers and make this a seamless process. Form 5320.23 has been released and it is not complicated to complete. Waymore Silencers will make the process as simple as possible to complete. Please call us so that we can help you navigate the system. Our new fingerprint technology will be operational in late July and we can complete all the paperwork on your behalf.


As Rule 41F becomes active on July 14 (only 1 week away), our inventory is almost depleted. We have outstanding orders with our suppliers and cans are slowly coming in. There is still hope to get them in the next 5 days. Keep watching our website.