Dead Air Silencers: a Breakdown of What They Offer

Founded by Mike Pappas, the Dead Air Silencers Armament company was started because of the passion that he has for creating no-compromise weaponry pieces that are built to last. This is hardly the business owner’s first rodeo in this demanding market though. He and his colleagues have a combination of decades of experience in building rifle and handgun accessories. That could be why this company has quickly become a leading manufacturer and seller of a wide variety of high demand Dead Air Silencers and other products. Just a few of the best ones to know about include:

Dead Air Nomad 30

The Dead Air Nomad-30 weighs less than a pound. So it works best for those who have concerns about using a heavy silencer on their rifle that could affect their aim. Most people find it to be highly effective for training purposes. It still attaches quickly and works well for those who want to buy an extra protective front cap for it so that they can use it in regular field work though. And, on top of this, it is made out of a combination of stainless steel and titanium, which means it can hold up well to heavy use.

Dead Air Sandman K

The Dead Air Sandman-K is a special silencer that is covered with a unique coating that helps to increase its durability. But if anything should accidentally happen to damage it, the company offers a lifetime warranty to replace or repair it. Unlike some other silencers, it ships with a front cap and a muzzle brake. This offers extra savings to value-conscious customers who don’t want to have to buy these necessary parts separately. And if that isn’t enough to convince anyone to give it a chance, it only weighs less than 13 ounces.

Dead Air Mask HD

One of the less expensive silencer options for rifles that is available is called the Dead Air Mask HD. It is easily removed with just one hand, which makes disassembly a breeze. The silencer screws on with a direct thread method that doesn’t affect its performance though. But its cheaper cost doesn’t mean that it has a lower quality. The Mask-HD is made of the same resilient stainless steel and titanium metal mixture that many of the Dead Air company’s other silencers are built with. And it is also coated with a durable finish to keep it working its best year after year.

Dead Air Sandman S

One of the slightly heavier and longer silencers that the Dead Air company offers is the Dead Air Sandman-S. Just like other silencers in the Sandman series, it includes a removable front cap and a muzzle brake. But what makes it truly unique is the flash hider that is built into it that enables a person to stay concealed whenever they have to fire their rifle in a setting with low light. This feature is crucial in situations where it is necessary to ensure survival by not giving away one’s location each time that a round is fired.