Top Thunder Beast Silencers

If you are looking for high-quality silencers, Thunder Beast is a good brand to choose. The products are made in the United States by professionals who understand the importance of precision and reliability. These are some great Thunder Beast silencers to consider. The numbers in their names indicate their length in inches.

Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 5CB

As one of the lightest of this company’s compact brake suppressors, the 5CB weighs only 7.6 ounces. Made from titanium, it features a Cerakote finish. The 5CB is a good choice for .300 Blackout rifles. Like its larger CB counterparts, it has the ability to change to a direct-thread setup quickly. With versatility from .30 cal to .300 RUM, it works with many semi-automatic rifles, bolt-action rifles and long-range rifles.

Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 7CB

This titanium silencer comes in multiple color options. At 9.7 ounces, this lightweight silencer is ideal for long-range shooting. With its compact brake mount, it is a good choice for .223 Remington rifles. However, its versatility ranges up to .300 RUM. One of the benefits of a CB mount is a tight lock with the conical shoulder. You can easily switch to a direct-thread configuration from the CB mount. This suppressor is designed to be as flexible as possible without sacrificing durability.

Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 7DT

Like the 7CB version, the 7DT suppressor is also made from titanium and has a Cerakote finish. It is also a lightweight device and has a direct-thread configuration. This makes it easy to install quickly. Its flexibility allows it to be compatible with .223 rifles, and its capacity ranges from .30 cal to .300 RUM. However, it is up to 30% lighter than competing suppressors with the same capabilities. Since its purpose is to maximize precision, it maintains accuracy without adding unnecessary weight at the front of the rifle.

Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 9CB

If your priorities are precision and sound reduction, this suppressor is a good choice. It is crafted from titanium with a Cerakote finish. The CB features a compact brake mount, which helps it lock tightly for added resiliency. It is ideal for .300 Blackout rifles. The Ultra 9CB weighs 11.9 ounces and can be switched to a direct-thread configuration easily. If this is the size of suppressor that you need, it will provide you with versatility and reliability. It also comes in multiple color options.

Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 9DT

Like the CB version, this suppressor weighs 11.9 ounces and is constructed from titanium. It is a direct-thread design, which is useful for precision shooting at long ranges. With compatibility that ranges between .30 cal and .300 RUM, you can use this suppressor with 6.5 Creedmoor, .243 Winchester and many other long-range cartridges that are popular.

Silencers help reduce muzzle blast and concussion. Direct-thread suppressors are especially useful for hunting. With a DT design, you can switch the suppressor between rifles without the need for a muzzle device. If you are more concerned about having the versatility to use both CB and DT designs, a changeable CB suppressor may be right for you.