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Product Description
Bowers Group’s sterling reputation is already cemented into firearm suppressor lore. With their Vers 45 silencer—a .45 ACP submachine gun and carbine can that is full-auto rated in that category—the aforementioned reputation is as solid as this impressive unit. A very versatile can, the Vers 45 is a suitable option for 9mm subsonic .30 caliber applications, including .300 Whisper and .300 Blackout.

Nestled in majestic Oregon, Bowers Group manufactures some of the most renowned suppressors in the industry. With a varied assortment of Bowers cans to choose from, their ability to modernize and improve the engineering of silencers market-wide is evident. Needless to say, the Vers 45 fits this mold.

Further Intel
Employing an advanced baffle stack, this suppressor measures 11.25” and weighs approximately 18 ounces. The Vers 45 is a solid, durable unit that will stare round after round in the eye and chuckle. Bowers Group even added strength to its build with an anodized finish. They truly thought of everything; however, no thinking is needed when pulling the trigger on buying one of these prominent suppressors. If more incentive is needed, the Vers 45 utilizes the Versadapt insert system, allowing the shooter to easily change the thread pitch to house a different host firearm… One such adapter of your choice just so happens to be included with your Vers 45 purchase! (Yep, time to buy.)

Rapid Fire
Full-auto rated (.45 ACP)
Build material: aluminum
Finish: matte black anodized
Bargain price!

What’s In the Box?
Selected thread mount insert
User manual


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