Product Description
Bowers Group has contributed a bevy of top-notch suppressors to the ever-expanding market. With the Vers 9S—their small, highly-efficient 9mm submachine gun and carbine silencer—they can add yet another to the impressive list. By the by, it is full-auto rated in 9mm fire! And in the mold of other Bowers 9mm units, the Vers 9S is a premiere choice for subsonic .30 caliber applications, such as .300 Blackout and .300 Whisper.

With awe-inspiring Oregon as their backdrop, Bowers Group produces a wide range of high-performing suppressors. Adding the Vers 9S to their growing catalog merely emphasizes their ability to introduce innovative products to firearm buffs nationwide.

Further Intel
The Vers 9S is a compact, sleek (matte ceramic-based finish), and cutting-edge (Bowers’ most advanced subgun baffle stack) silencer that facilitates versatility and consistency to the user. It utilizes the Versadapt™ insert system, allowing the shooter to easily change the thread pitch to house a different host firearm (as conveniently as swapping the insert). One such adapter of your choice is included with your Vers 9S purchase! Measuring 8.6”, the Vers 9S brings a maneuverable option to the 9mm subgun category. And at a weight of about 18 total ounces with selected adapter, this high-volume suppressor is durable, so have no fear when pushing it to the limit at the range or in the field.

Rapid Fire
Full-auto rated (9mm)
Weight: 15 ounces
Length: 8.6”
Build material: aluminum
Finish: matte black ceramic-based

What’s In the Box?
Selected Versadapt™ thread adapter

Additional information

Weight .93 lbs
Dimensions 8.6 in


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