CMMG DefCan 3 Ti


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Product Description
The DefCan 3Ti-Direct Thread is a lightweight 7.62 suppressor that delivers an impressive 32 dB sound reduction. Its rugged, all-Titanium construction delivers weight savings, durability and heat tolerance that allow the DefCan to be the workhorse suppressor for any 30 caliber rifle.

Available in either direct thread or quick detach configuration, the DefCan 3Ti is the perfect choice for any bolt gun or semi-auto rifle and is backed by CMMG’s Lifetime Guarantee.

For Barrels: 16” or longer for 7.62 NATO, 10.5” or longer 5.56×45/.223 or 6.8 SPC, 8” or longer 7.62×39, 7.5” or longer for 300BLK)

Rapid Fire
Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Sound Reduction: 32dB
Length: 7.8″
Diameter: 1.5″
Weight: 13.1oz
Finish: High Temp Cerakote
Attachment: Direct Thread 5/8-24

Additional information

Weight .81 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 1.5 in


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