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Product Description
Supplying military and law enforcement agencies with large bore suppressors throughout their history, Gemtech’s presence atop the silencer pecking order is merited. Adding to their list of gems, the new Arrow is a continuation of this manufacturer’s military-grade series of .338 Lapua Magnum cans. Thankfully, this unit is available for public consumption! (This is your cue to snatch one up…)

Set in Boise, ID, Gemtech holds a stellar reputation as a forward-thinking and premier silencer manufacturer. With the sturdy and reliable Arrow can, Gemtech has yet another bullseye to add to their collection. This suppressor brings an impressive option to the large bore category, and attaching one to your host rifle is a no-brainer.

Further Intel
Sporting a 12-inch, 27-ounce build, the Arrow is a relatively light suppressor that handles the .338 round without restrictions. Being Gemtech’s first unit to utilize their very own 3-lug quick-detach muzzle brake system, the Arrow provides cutting-edge technology and remarkable accuracy. To that end, it offers a minimal point-of-impact (POI) shift, so targets beware! And after passing a litany of strenuous testing requirements, this .338-rated silencer is worthy of its impressive accolades. Speaking of, the Arrow offers a sound reduction of 32 dB, which its titanium blast chamber plays a vital role in providing. With this many pros and no cons, why would you entrust any other rifle suppressor?

Rapid Fire
Full-auto rated!
Sound reduction: 32 dB
Weight: 27 ounces (Light for a large bore can!)
Length: 12”
Build materials: titanium; aluminum
Finish: high-temp Cerakote™
Mount: 3-lug quick-detach

What’s In the Box?
Shipped in pelican case for enhanced protection
Tan nylon carrying pouch with closure for personal transport
User manual

Additional information

Weight 1.68 lbs
Dimensions 12 in


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