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Product Description
Gemtech made quite a splash at the 2016 NRA annual meeting. The cause? Their new Integra suppressed AR upper receiver, which just so happens to be exclusive to Silencer Shop! But, wait… It gets better: 5.56mm and .300 Blackout models exist.

Utilizing their brilliant minds yet again, Gemtech designed these revolutionary units that can only be found via Silencer Shop as ready-to-go uppers that employ an integrated barrel and monocore suppressor. Amazingly, the silencer only extends a shade past the end of the firearm, with both “barrel” versions measuring 16.1”. We know what you are thinking; however, the suppressor tube is welded onto the gas lock, so the body is a permanent part of the barrel. To that end, no short-barrel rifle restrictions apply, so only one tax stamp is needed. (Thank you, Gemtech!)

Producing out of banging Boise, Gemtech’s reputation as an industry-leading silencer manufacturer is both accurate and well-deserved. With the recent unveiling of their cutting-edge Integra suppressed AR upper, their stronghold on the market is now even more pronounced.

Further Intel
Regarding the “permanent” reference above, no need to fret—the monocore portion of the can is easy to remove for cleaning and general maintenance. In other words, the outer tube is the only fixture attached to the barrel. As mentioned, this upper comes in two models: the 5.56mm and the .300 Blackout. The 5.56mm upper has a 10.5-inch barrel, while the .300 Blackout upper employs a 10-inch barrel (though, it utilizes a 1/2-inch longer suppressor core to even out the lengths between the two options). Once you receive your purchased Gemtech Integra unit, an upper receiver, barrel, integral suppressor, and handguard will all be at your disposal. Be the first on your block to own and use one!

Rapid Fire
Sound: 131 dB (5.56mm); 128 dB (.300 Blackout with subsonic ammo)
Weight: 5 pounds
Length: 16.1”
5.56mm barrel length: 10.5″ (1:7 twist)
.300BLK barrel length: 11″ (1:8 twist)
Build material: titanium (outer tube, core)
Titanium gas block
5.56mm and .300 Blackout options available
Bolt carrier and charging handle included
Gemtech mil-spec upper receiver
Seekins handguard

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16.1 in


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