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Product Description
Imbedded in Idaho, Gemtech knows what you want… You want a sole suppressor that’s lightweight, inexpensive, and capable of handling ammo from 20mm down to .22LR. You want a single silencer that does it all. Well, Gemtech’s invented that can, but it won’t be on the market until 2032! (Give or take a decade.) So, in the meantime, they’re able to offer you the Trilogy. The Trilogy is a one-stop package that covers everything from .300WM to .22LR. It includes three Gemtech suppressors: one for your rifle; one for your pistol; and one for your rimfire.

The Gemtech One is a do-it-all centerfire rifle suppressor. It’s either a quick mount or a thread mount unit, and is lightweight and durable. Moreover, the GM-45 is what every pistol/submachine gun silencer wants to be. It’s highly adaptable to different thread pitches and calibers, and is completely user-serviceable. In addition, your rimfire firearms are covered with the GM-22. This G-Core suppressor’s easy to disassemble/clean, and is rated for .22LR full auto!

As you can see, the Gemtech Trilogy covers the caliber gamut. It’s a great way to suppress every gun in your arsenal.

Further Intel
With each unit offering varied features and details, please see each individual silencer’s page for specifics. Considering all three are Gemtech products, your investment will definitely be worthwhile.

Note: Sticking to the Trilogy theme, three (3) tax stamps will need to accompany this product.

Rapid Fire
Weight: 16.3 ounces (One); 5.5 ounces (45); 2.5 ounces (22)
Length: 7.5”; 6.2”; 5”
Finish: high-temp Cerakote™

What’s In the Box?
Shipped in pelican case for protection and transport
5/8×24 thread adapter
Quick-mount installation tool

Additional information

Weight 1.01 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 in


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