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Product Description
The Griffin Armament Checkmate QD suppressor utilizes a unique monocore baffle design that provides all the benefits of both monocore and K-baffle designs, while sidestepping the downsides of each.

A true K-baffle silencer is extremely quiet and produces minimal first round pop (FRP). Unfortunately, it also tends to be more difficult to disassemble and clean. Thankfully, Griffin Armament (located in Wisconsin) solved the maintenance problem by installing a modular baffle design, including a pusher tool to assist removal of the core from the outer tube.

Bottom line: The cutting-edge design allows the Checkmate QD to perform like a K-baffle suppressor, minus the upkeep hassles often associated with that setup.

*Perk Alert*
Versatility, versatility, versatility. (Do we have your attention yet?) The Checkmate QD personifies versatility in the world of silencers. Specifically, there are two distinct mounting system options for this can: thread-on and quick-attach. If you prefer thread mount simplicity, look no further than adding the Griffin Checkmate Direct Thread Adapter to your collection. If you fancy convenience, the Griffin Checkmate 3-Lug accessory is right up your alley. This innovative application makes mounting as basic as pressing the silencer past the lugs and rotating it 1/3 of a turn in either direction. Both components offer proof that the Checkmate is one of the most flexible rimfire cans on the market.

Further Intel
The Checkmate’s monocore is 17-4 stainless steel and its body is 6061-T6 aluminum, a sturdy combination. Being full-auto rated with a robust 40 dB sound reduction, adding this can to your must-have list is a no-brainer. Moreover, this can retains .22WMR/.17HMR/.17M2 compatibility, as well as individual component backward compatibility with all six generations of Checkmate suppressors.

Rapid Fire
Full-auto rated (.22LR only)
Sound reduction: 40 dB
Mount options: direct thread (Griffin Checkmate Direct Thread Adapter); fast-attach (Griffin Checkmate 3-Lug)
Build materials: 17-4 stainless steel; 6061-T6 aluminum

What’s In the Box?
Pusher tool to aid disassembly/maintenance
Warranty card


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