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Product Description
Sometimes simple is better. We appreciate the fact that Radical Firearms embraced this notion when designing their effortless RF 22 rimfire suppressor. To that end, this particular silencer is completely user-serviceable and employs a monocore baffle system. Yep, simple.

Our neighbors in Stafford, TX, created this direct-thread can with the sole intention of conveying their vision of a lightweight, highly affordable option to the .22LR market. (A kind tip of the cap to you, Radical Firearms.)

Further Intel
Sculpted in stainless steel, the RF 22 epitomizes durability in a compact, feather-like unit. Measuring a mere 5.5” in length and weighing a svelte 6 ounces, Radical Firearms created a suppressor gem. Suited for rimfire rifles and pistols alike, the incorporated monocore baffle unit provides easy disassembly and maintenance—which, in turn, translates to more time spent destroying targets at the range. Moreover, the RF 22’s discounted price practically guarantees an increased budget for ammo! Win-win.

Once again, thanks to Radical Firearms for not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Rapid Fire
Weight: 6 ounces
Length: 5.5”
Build material: 316L stainless steel
Finish: black high-temp Cerakote™
Look at that price tag! (No, really, take a look…)

What’s In the Box?
Radical Firearms sticker and patch

Additional information

Weight .56 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 in


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