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Product Description
Once again, Sig Sauer Silencers are up to their usual, wonderful tricks. With their all-titanium and quick-detach SRD338Ti-QD unit, the large bore category of suppressors will never be the same—which is a good thing. By utilizing a muzzle device to attach the can to its .338/.308/7.62mm rifle host, this silencer provides extreme durability to the shooter. If maneuverability and sturdiness are important traits of your more robust suppressors, the SRD338Ti-QD is your huckleberry.

Niched in New Hampshire, the Sig Sauer brand is relatively fresh to the suppressor manufacturing market, but the team undoubtedly holds an abundance of cutting-edge ideas and has quickly carved a regarded reputation within the industry. Plus, with Kevin Brittingham (founder of Advanced Armament Corporation) now in charge, keep an eye out for more impressive cans from the Sig Sauer name.

Further Intel
The Sig Sauer designers placed an emphasis on versatility when creating this suppressor. To that end, its relative compactness (10.5” short; 18.9 ounces light) definitely reiterates the SRD338Ti-QD’s maneuverability. Throw in its impressive sound attenuation, and this silencer jumps off the page. Plus, with that price tag, its value is legit! Go ahead and treat yourself.

Rapid Fire
Sound: 138 dB
Weight: 18.9 ounces
Length: 10.5”
Build material: titanium
Finish: natural titanium

What’s In the Box?
18×1.5mm muzzle brake (Perk!)
Utility pouch with closure and Sig Sauer logo
Shim with lubricant
User manual

Additional information

Weight 1.18 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 in


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