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Product Description
Once again, we salute you, Sig Sauer Silencers. Using the standard SRD556 suppressor as a building block, their stainless steel/Inconel and quick-detach SRD556 QD model is as durable as they come. By utilizing a muzzle device to attach the can to its 5.56mm rifle host, this silencer provides extreme durability to the shooter. If ruggedness and reliability are must-haves for your 5.56mm suppressors, the SRD556 QD is right up your alley.

Although the name “Sig Sauer” is fairly new to the silencer manufacturing market, the New Hampshire-centered team brings an abundance of trailblazing designs and ideas to the industry. With Kevin Brittingham (founder of Advanced Armament Corporation) now in the mix, we expect more revolutionary units to come down the pipe in the near future. (In the meantime, feel free to check out their entire family of 5.56mm rifle options.)

Further Intel
Conveniently made for 1/2×28 threads to match the vast majority of modern .223/5.56mm rifles on the market, the Sig Sauer designers emphasized both durability and versatility when constructing this suppressor. To that end, its compactness (6.5” short; 14 ounces light) definitely reiterates the SRD556 QD’s maneuverability. Sporting the coveted full-auto rating, this can continues to impress. And with that affordable price point, its value is eye- and ear-opening!

Rapid Fire
Full-auto rated!
Sound: 134 dB
Length: 6.5”
Weight: 14 ounces
Build materials: stainless steel; Inconel
Watch our helpful video for a demonstration (Videos tab)
Affordability defined!

Additional information

Weight .87 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 in


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