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Product Description
The Surefire SOCOM 300 SPS is a fast-attach, .30 caliber suppressor that boasts premium sound suppression in its category. Due to its highly-specialized V-shaped baffle design, the best-in-class SOCOM 300 SPS is able to achieve unprecedented levels of sound attenuation with .300 Blackout (subsonic and supersonic), in addition to .308 and .300WM ammunition. This versatile silencer is also very effective in suppressing the 5.56mm round. The perks (and bullseyes) just keep coming with this Surefire option!

Producing out of calming California, Surefire crafted the SOCOM 300 SPS unit with the intention of offering a highly-effective, durable, and reliable silencer to firearm fanatics. With military-based roots, Surefire produces an impressive line of suppressors for all of your can needs.

Further Intel
Constructed of Inconel—an advanced, high-temperature alloy—and stainless steel, the compact (8”) and lightweight (20 ounces) Surefire SOCOM 300 SPS is easily maneuverable, adding minimal length and weight to the host firearm. Moreover, its convenience is a huge benefit! Sporting a precision indexing setup and employing computer-controlled welding, this suppressor securely mounts to a SOCOM-compatible Surefire muzzle brake or flash hider via its patented fast-attach system. It was designed for easy removal after extended firing and produces minimal and consistent point-of-impact shift. Plus, its solid Inconel blast baffle further enhances the silencer’s overall strength, making it durable enough for full-time, full-auto use. Whoa, mama!

Rapid Fire
Full-auto rated!
Weight: 20 ounces
Length: 8”
Build materials: stainless steel; Inconel
Finish: high-temp Cerakote™
Color: black or dark earth (Nice!)

What’s In the Box?
Tan nylon utility pouch with closure and belt loop hitch for personal transport
Cleaning/maintenance tool
User manual

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 8 in


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