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Product Description
Yankee Hill Machine might as well have designed the epitome of versatility in their Nitro 30 suppressor. With so many configuration options available for this can, adding one to your collection is a no-brainer!

YHM’s Nitro is a full-auto rated silencer that sports a durable stainless steel build . Modular in design, this unit definitely stands out among the .30 caliber crowd. After listening to and considering the requests of avid suppressor enthusiasts, Massachusetts-based YHM sought to bring adaptability to the forefront with this model. Go ahead, YHM, take a bow.

Further Intel
Being user-configurable is what sets the Nitro apart from the competition. This silencer affords the shooter both muzzle endcap and rear endcap options, with two different .30 caliber muzzle caps included for target shooters. Moreover, two distinct rear cap attachment choices come with the can: a quick-detach that is ideal for speedy exchange between multiple platforms, and a 5/8×24 direct-thread for a more dedicated configuration. Essentially, the YHM Nitro 30 is four silencers in one… Purchase yours while you “can.”

Rapid Fire
Full-auto rated!
Sound: 135 dB
Weight: 18.2/20.2 ounces
Length: 6.93”/7.75”
Build material: stainless steel

What’s In the Box?
Two .30 caliber muzzle endcaps and two rear endcaps
One flat front cap
One “muzzle brake” front cap
One 5/8×24 direct-thread rear mount
One QD-style rear mount
Muzzle brake in 5/8×24
Heat-resistant pouch with closure
Carrying case for transport/protection
Two proprietary wrenches for disassembly

Additional information

Weight 1.26 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 in


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